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December 04 2010


The Internet's Voltaire Moment, by Simon Phipps

"Whether you approve of Wikileaks or not, the weakness it exposes in web and cloud service provision and the reaction it will provoke from legislators must concern us all."

December 15 2009


Web Censorship Proposal in Italy after "attack" on Berlusconi

In countries like Germany, you still need at least child porn as an excuse to censor the internet. Well, in Italy, it's enough if one mentally unstable nutcase hits another with a miniature of the Milan Dome. Now Roberto Maroni, Minister of Internal Affairs, seriously proposes the whole shebang of monitoring, surveilling and access-blocking for whoever might cross the line "from pacifist to violent" in "public expressions of opinion", including on ze intrawebz and of course facebook and  zat nu kind of social netzwork-stuff...


PS: And by the way, the whole "poor Silvio" hysteria that is currently being created by italian (i.e. Berlusconi-owned) media is utter bullshit. One of the very last no-nonsense guys in iatlian politics, Antonio Di Pietro, seems to be the only one having the courage to say aloud that it was il cavaliere himself who "created the climate of hate" everybody is so busy lamenting now.   
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