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June 15 2010

Selbst das hiesige Feuilleton doziert kulturchauvinistisch, die Vuvuzela sei ja gar kein traditionelles afrikanisches Musikinstrument, sondern nur ein relativ neumodischer Marketinggag. Der Neger durchschaut das halt nur nicht und feiert mit dem billigem China-Import.
Aber die Vuvuzela ist nicht Hippie sondern Punkrock. Das demokratische, weil spottbillige Plastikinstrument erfordert keine Virtuosität, keine Musikschule. Selbst Berufstrompeter vermögen ihm kaum mehr als zwei Tonlagen zu entlocken. Nur: wer sich auf den WM-Tribünen umsieht, wird erkennen, dass man auch zu repetitivem Tröööt und Möööp tadellos tanzen kann. Wenn man tanzen kann.
So offenbart sich einmal mehr der hierzulande herrschende Spießbürger-Kanon: "Feiern ist ja ok, aber bitte nichsolaut."

http://www.laut.de (Nomen est omen)

June 12 2010

How Terminators reproduce...
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June 11 2010

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Obama wants to kick ass, say's he'd have sacked the BP CEO; Brits continue their whining for BP's stock price. Guess what. If you entrust a guy like Tony Hayward with your savings, you'll loose them, sucker. No need to complain.

June 10 2010

Early Beach Boys Hit Song Topics
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June 07 2010

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We Con the World - The Gaza flotilla crew speaks!

March 26 2010


A Word of Advice on Andrew Tridgell's Patent Defence

You might already have seen this:

Well, take it with large chunks of salt, not just a grain or two.

Like many, I admire Andrew Tridgell's work, most importantly his achievements on Samba. His presentation nicely illustrates some of the fallacies when programmers, lawyers and patent attorneys try to communicate.

That being said, this text also contains such fundamental errors to make it not only misleading but dangerous to Free Software.

Let me quickly recapitulate Andrew's main message to Free Software developers here:

0. Read patents
1. You don't have to care about dependent claims
2. If you're not using ALL elements of an independent claim you can't be infringing the claim in question.
3. Therefore, you're on the safe side. If we manage to do check claim elements on a larger "open source" scale, Free Software will live happily ever after and software patents won't be a big problem anymore.

Now I'm aware that Andrew is from Australia and that's how things might work there - I simply don't know.

However, regarding those countries where software patents are currently the the biggest danger, i.e. the U.S.A., the European Union and Japan, Andrew's assumptions are plain *wrong*.

For starters, please check out the Wikipedia entry on the doctrine of equivalents:

Like the U.S. Supreme Court said in GRAVER MFG. CO. v. LINDE CO., 339 U.S. 605 (1950):

"One who seeks to pirate an invention, like one who seeks to pirate a copyrighted book or play, may be expected to introduce minor variations to conceal and shelter the piracy. Outright and forthright duplication is a dull and very rare type of infringement. To prohibit no other would place the inventor at the mercy of verbalism and would be subordinating substance to form. It would deprive him of the benefit of his invention and would foster concealment rather than disclosure of inventions, which is one of the primary purposes of the patent system."

What this all boils down to is that you indeed have to read (and understand) all claims, consider what the patented invention does as a whole and evaluate if your solution achieves the same.

If it does, you are very likely infringing even if your solution does not use all claim elements. That's one of the main reasons why software patents are so dangerous and happily coexisting with them is a much more complex issue than Andrew's talk suggests.

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March 13 2010

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Respecting The President

"Please don't use the f-word or the n-word."
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Obama Walk

"Don't touch your dick. Don't touch your dick."
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Detachable Pussy

Wanda Sykes again - "But Ladies you know, you can't trust them... you get home..."
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Racist Dolphin

by Wanda Sykes. This Lady is just freakin' hilarious - "You bottle-nosed bastard, what is this shit? Hope you get caught up in a tuna net, racist ass dolphin!"

March 10 2010

March 07 2010

LEGO: The Basterds edition
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February 25 2010


February 24 2010

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Momma Landa's old fashion Austrian Apfelstrudel!
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February 23 2010

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