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Tony Chu is a cibopath: Everything he eats (with one exception) lets him have an immediate psychic perception of how the food was created, the garden it grew in, who prepared it... and of course who killed it. That's a great feature for a police detective isn't it?
As long as you're not to picky about what you eat, that is.

Chew by John Layman (story) and Rob Guillory (art & cover)  is absolutely hilarious and one of the best comic books I've read in years (together with Kirkman's The Walking Dead, of course). BTW, The Walking Dead #63 features the black & white version of Chew #1 as a bonus. But hey, the second printing of #1 is available in full color,
so don't deprive yourself of enjoying the whole ride, since the artwork is quite fabulous, too. A preview for #2 (on sale since July) is currently available from Image Comics' preview site
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